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Highway 50 is the brainchild of Al Laughlin, original keyboardist of The Samples. This, the second album, began with Al, arranger/producer Darren Roebuck, and some of Al’s old notebooks. They sat down with the guitar and piano, and turned the pages of those notebooks into a stack of charted songs during the course of 2014. Once finished, they took a handful of the best tunes and 18 session musicians to Violet Recording in Boulder, Colorado to lay down some unforgettable tracks. The veteran team at Violet applied their commitment to high quality audio, and used world class analog equipment and decades of collective know-how to turn each track into the amazing production that we’re sharing with you here. With a big emphasis on vocals, Al and singers Liz Forster and Liza Oxnard bring his raw and relatable lyrics to life. This album is a unique combination of reggae, hip/hop, rock, jazz and R and B all wrapped up into some amazingly listenable songs that you’ll be singing along with the first time you hear them!

Written by Al Laughlin
Arranged by Darren Roebuck
Produced by Scott Higgins, Darren Roebuck, Chris Wright

Drums: Jeep MacNichol, Brian Nevin, Mike O’neal, Raoul Rossiter
Bass: Chris Wright, Darren Roebuck
Guitar: James Hambleton, Scott Higgins, Darren Roebuck, Scott Stammers
Keys: Al Laughlin
Percussion: Bill Keros, Jeep MacNichol, Lowell Thompson, Chris Wright
Horns: Andrew McNew, Sarah Mount, Matt Planer
Vocals: Al Laughlin, Liz Forster, Liza Oxnard, Tonie G

Executive Producer: Scott Higgins

Special thanks to Luna Sherrof!!!

Easy Way Out:


Gonna Make It Anyway:


Just The Way:




Pyrite Gold:


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